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Landscape design is full of challenges, but sourcing materials should not be one of them. Let us help you find the perfect stone, slate, boulders and more for your outdoor projects. We have tons of options in many colors, shapes, and sizes, and we can even custom-make or source specialty materials if you seek something truly unique for your clients.

Professionally designed backyard patio

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Garden Design

Drought-resistant garden design is all the rage these days, with many city councils giving incentives to homeowners and designers who switch from lawns to rocks and gravel. A front yard can look gorgeous and have lots of curb appeal without having to maintain a large expanse of turf. If you wish to pitch design ideas that involve flagstone, slate, or other alternatives to grass, we have a very large selection and can also do bespoke orders.

Landscape Design Ideas and Trends

Water features are making a comeback, and yard landscapes are all the better for it. Go as big as your client’s dreams, or make a quiet, minimalist statement - we have the right materials to help you along: gravel, river rock of various sizes, beautiful boulders and stone to build waterfalls and natural-looking water features.

Fire pits are another throwback from the 70s that has definitely come back to stay - they are great as a visual feature, add coziness and interest, and are great for socializing outdoors. Whether your clients want a small portable one or a large built-in with seating and the works, we are here with materials in all colors and textures to bring your designs to reality.

Even traditional gardens with flower beds can be enhanced and made to save on water and resources: garden paths made of gravel or flagstones are comfortable, beautiful, and a lot easier to maintain than grassy paths. Flower beds can be bordered with stone walls to further enhance their beauty, and mulch can be replaced with gravel for a long-lasting solution that will not need to be replaced.

Landscape Design

Landscape architects and other design professionals are relying more and more on computer-aided design, using technology for drafting templates to help design outdoor spaces. Design yard landscapes with confidence, because you can count on Minick to help you source every color and material you can dream of and bring your drawings to life. We are constantly seeking out new materials all over the country so we can offer you the best and most varied selection.

Why Minick?

We have been in the materials business for over 60 years - at this point, we have seen it all and shipped it all over the country too. We started out with sand and construction materials, but soon expanded to carrying rock, stone, stone veneer, all sorts of pavers and flagstone… everything you can imagine to execute a beautiful landscape design.

Our team is highly trained, and we have representatives who specialize in commercial-sized orders, to help you no matter the size and scope of your project. Give us a call and let us assist you with sourcing and shipping any material you require to make your client’s outdoor dream landscape a reality.

Landscape Design Supplies at Minick

These are some of the categories we offer, and some of the many ways in which you could use them in your landscape designs.

We carry quality potting soil and our own compost, as well as a variety of soil amendments and plant nutrition, so the living part of your landscapes is thriving and lush at all times.

Decorative rock is a great companion or alternative to plants, for those who prefer a drought-resistant garden or who just don’t have the time to look after flower beds and a lawn. Boulders make great focal points and can easily be adapted to become water features. Forget about the orange lava rock from the 70s - today’s statement boulders are elegant, impactful and will enhance any yard design.

Building stone and stone veneer are great additions to outdoor spaces: low walls (or full-sized ones!), built-in seating, steps, Japanese-inspired bridges, and architecture can all benefit from the look and feel of natural stone.

Pavers and flagstone make beautiful paths, patios and social areas. They are comfortable and secure to walk on, require very little maintenance, and come in a variety of colors and finishes to match every style. A good alternative to paving, flagstone has lots of character and goes well with everything.

We also carry pottery in many colors and sizes, so you can find the perfect accent for your customer’s gardens and outdoor spaces.

Why Minick?