A Landscape and Building supply store- mainly stone, soil, mulches, etc.

Kenneth Minick started the company in 1958, selling and delivering soil, gravel, etc. It has since expanded to three stores carrying our current product line.

326 N Council Rd, Oklahoma City
14141 N Santa Fe Ave, Edmond
6665 N Interstate Dr, Norman

Most products are locally sourced however some do come from out of state

No delivery starts out at $97.50 for dump trucks

Delivery depends all on the milage

We can but we prefer not to has we delivery them on a open flatbed and they have broken in the past

Most wall stone covers aprox 35 sqft when dry stacked, and 40 sqft with a mortar joint.
Soils, screenings, compost, mulch, cover 100 sqft at 3 inches deep per yard

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On some products we do

Delivery normally take about 1-2 days for products we keep in stock. Special order products or items we do not keep on the yard take on average 2 weeks to come in.

We have multiple composts will all different ingredients based on your preference. Our compost has the Seal of Testing Approval by the OK Compost Council. To see what selection we have available click here (add link)

We do not do any installation, but ask one of our customer service reps and we would be happy to suggest an installer we trust!  (Maybe we could add a resource page with a list of landscapers we like?)

Delivery comes with 30 minutes of free placing time, and is $2.10 per minute over 30.