Our Story

Celebrating over 60 years of great products and outstanding customer service

With humble beginnings, Minick Materials has grown into one of the largest suppliers of landscape and building materials in the region. We serve customers locally, regionally and across the country. We're proud of our rich heritage of outstanding customer services and great products.

Moments in Our History


After leaving his job as a truck operator in the military, Kenneth Minick purchased a truck and began hauling sand.


Kenneth met his future wife Nova, who would have a pivotal role in running Minick Materials.


Kenneth married Nova. Soon thereafter Nova began to take customer orders over the phone and scheduled deliveries while Kenneth drove the truck.

Sand and soil deliveries were $5.00 and spreading it cost $8.00.


When stock piling products behind his home became too much, Kenneth purchased the North Council Road property when it was not much more than a small house and a large field.

Sam Minick began his career at Minick at this time loading limestone and sand into customer’s vehicles when he was 10 years old.


At the end of the 70's, Minick Materials had developed into one of the leading topsoil companies in the region.


As we expanded our business and materials sold, we changed our name from Minick Trucking to Minick Materials.


Sam Minick returns to the family business, after spending time working elsewhere. He brought back new ideas and knowledge gained through studying horticulture. At the time, Minick Materials only had 4 employees.


Sam's wife, Teresa, began a flagstone patio project. Ultimately Sam finished the project which inspired him to expand the company into selling stone.


In the early 90's, Minick Materials significantly increased its selection of stone making it one of the largest stone dealers in the state.


The tragedy of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building occurred. Minick Materials was honored to be selected to supply the stone, landscaping materials, and structural soil for the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. It was Minick Materials’ first experience with engineered soils, which quickly became a popular product for commercial projects.


Opened the first satellite location next to TLC in Edmond, Oklahoma.


Sam Minick purchases Minick Materials and becomes the second president of Minick Materials.


Opened second (satellite) location in Norman, Oklahoma.


Relocated our Norman location to a larger, more permanent facility.


Today, Minick Materials provides engineered soils to more than five states and stone across the entire country.