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Topsoil Supplier: Minick Materials

Residential & Commercial

If you are growing grass or plants, for business or pleasure, then quality topsoil is the first thing you need. The top layer of the soil must be rich in nutrients and organic matter for your plants and grass to thrive, whether we’re talking about residential garden soil or a commercial farming operation. Minick has years of experience as a topsoil supplier, and our fine, screened loam is sought after as a high-quality topsoil.

Types of Topsoil We Offer


Composed of screened dark brown sandy loam fortified with 35% Dark Forest and 3% gypsum.*
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Composed of Screened dark brown sandy loam fortified with 30% prairie gold, and 3% gypsum.*
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Outstanding soil for pedestrian mall paving, sidewalks, planting islands, parking lots and other applications.
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Topsoil is a screened, dark brown sandy loam which makes it great for filling.
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Pick Up in Store or Get it Delivered!

Remember that Minick materials is not just a great topsoil supplier, but also a top name in materials. Besides topsoil, compost and loam, we also offer sand, decorative rocks, several types of mulch and much much more.  We deliver all of our products nationwide - call us for a quote.


Whether you seek topsoil for filling a few garden beds or hundreds of cubic yards of compost for a commercial-scale plantation, Minick materials is here to help. We have decades of experience selling materials all over the country, and we are always happy to hear from you. 

Our team is highly qualified to answer all your questions regarding our quality topsoil, or any of our other materials. However big or small your project is, get in touch and let us advise you - we will do our best to help you find the right materials at the right price, and we’ll ship them to you anywhere in the USA.