This year, CannaCon will be virtual, but we still have special soil offerings for all of the growers attending online.

About Our Specialty Potting Soils

Garden Ready Soil

For those who are planting directly on the ground, we recommend our Garden Ready soil, which is 30% compost from our state-licensed composting facilities. It’s excellent gardening soil, just add perlite to enhance drainage, and add your favorite amendments to enhance the flavor of your crops.

High Quest Soil

If you are growing potted cannabis plants, our High Quest soil is hard to beat. With 45% compost, it is nutrient-rich and has excellent drainage. All you have to do is add your favorite extra nutrients – we carry outstanding ones from Aurora organics.

707 Soil

Growers just getting started with a small number of plants will love 707 soil. It is scientifically designed and mixed for optimal growth – and you can plant directly into the bags it comes in.

Bespoke Soil

Finally, if you have a large operation and need large quantities of Bespoke soil, we offer custom blending options – just contact our team and they will be happy to assist you.

Custom Blends

Cannabis growers who grow outside love to use our Garden Ready as a base soil that we can custom blend to their ideal drainage and amendment specification.

1 lb $56.25 | 6 lb $305.00

3 lb $13.75 | 9 lb $37.00

3 lb $11.75 | 9 lb $30.00

3 lb $15.75 | 9 lb $38.00

3 lb $13.75 | 9 lb $37.00

3 lb $15.75 | 9 lb $38.00

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