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Minick Materials is the Trusted Creative Partner for Architects & Design Professionals

At Minick Materials, your vision is our mission. We empower architects, design professionals with superior materials that bolster creativity and functionality. Our diverse inventory accommodates every design aesthetic, making us the go-to resource for both residential and commercial projects. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality materials, ensuring the durability and longevity of your projects. Experience the Minick Materials difference today, where we're committed to your success and fostering a relationship of trust, collaboration, and expertise.

With decades of experience in the building industry, and extensive knowledge of stone and building processes, our sales specialist, Tim, has helped hundreds of projects come to life. When it comes to working with Minick, our best resource for successfully completing your project is our people. Talk to Tim to get started today!

Let Us Help Spec Your Job!

Every design is unique, and so are its requirements. Allow us to assist you in making informed decisions about material specifications that align with your project's aesthetics, functionality, and budget. Our vast inventory brims with high-quality materials, ranging from natural stone to decorative rocks, mulches, and much more. Navigate your project specifications with Minick Materials - your partner in design excellence. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your project needs and offer tailored recommendations, ensuring that you make the right choices for every aspect of your design. Let Minick Materials elevate your designs and bring your creative vision to life.

We protect your vision.

"Minick is a perfect bridge between Architects and Contractors, since we have been working closely with both sides for decades. Our close relationship with contractors lets us keep a sharp eye on every aspect of a project. From making sure they get the right materials, to checking that they are installed properly, we work the job from start to finish and help bring the architect's vision to life."

-Kimberly, Commercial Sales Manager

Specialty Commercial Products

Our Specialty Commercial Products are designed to provide that extra edge to your landscaping projects. We continually innovate to offer products that meet the evolving demands of the industry. Discover our array of specialty products, each engineered to enhance the beauty and longevity of your designs. From custom soil blends to wall stone, our Specialty Commercial Products cater to the unique requirements of any project. With Minick Materials, you can be rest assured that you're using cutting-edge products that not only look stunning but also ensure the long-term success of your creations.

CU-Structural Soil

CU-Soil was developed by Cornell University to help solve the problem of soil compaction in large paved areas. It combines a load-bearing lattice with a porous soil component, so trees can thrive while the pavements and sidewalks remain supported.

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We also offer Rooflite's quality range of lightweight soils for green roof projects. Our advisors can help you choose the perfect product as this form of landscaping becomes increasingly more popular.

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Organic Lock

This soil is an aggregate binder made from renewable materials, with the intention of being mixed with crushed aggregate. This can make a durable surface that prevents erosion and is ADA compliant.

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Building Stone

Using decorative wall stone for interior or exterior can add a level of fresh sophistication to your design. We offer both full bed depth and thin veneer for our large variety of natural wall stone products.

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Hardscapes Materials

An essential part of outdoor spaces and natural environments, our hardscape materials can be built into patios, decks, paths, edging, walls, walkways, paths benches and much more. Learn more about the flagstone, retaining walls, pavers and boulders Minick uses for hardscaping.

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Other Services

Seeking something unique for your project? Minick is the place to go. Because of our existing relationships with quarries around the country, we can assist with sourcing specialty products (like natural stone, thin veneer and manufactured stone) and custom stone cuts. Plus, we can engineer a variety of custom soil blends in any quantity you need. 

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Meet your CEU Requirements

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Get CEU credits and a free meal!  Attend Minick's lunch and learn program to get the architect or engineer credit requirements you need to stay accredited in your field.

If you're ready to learn more, we offer courses in-person and/or over Zoom call covering a variety of products.

Contact us to set up a presentation with our Architectural Sales Rep, Tim Shanahan.

Let us buy you lunch!

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Quarry Tour: 

Keep on top of your professional development requirements with our annual quarry tour!  Get a close up view of how the products you call us for are made with this tour's combination of fun and hands-on education. 

  • Up tp 10 CEUS
  • hands on experience
  • overnight trip
  • presentations from experts
  • big steak dinner and a great time! 
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