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Over 60 Years of supplying the best soils and composts in the region.


Looking for a specialty soil or need to have your own custom-blended?
Minick Materials is ready to help you with your growing needs.
From a few plants to full grow operations, we’ve got you covered.

Best Soil for Cannabis

Whether you have your own recipe or want to use one of our blends, we can find the best soil for growing cannabis in Oklahoma.

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High Quest Soil

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Custom Mix

With 45% compost our house-blended High Quest Soil is nutrient-rich and has excellent drainage--perfect for growing marijuana plants in containers, grow bags or pots. It works well with any amendments you’d like to add like Uprising Bloom by Roots Organics 

Starting with a base of our Garden Ready, we can add amendments and materials to create a custom blend that fits your specific drainage, nutrient and amendment specifications.

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Meet our Dedicated Team

At Minick Materials, we have a dedicated team to handle all cannabis soil orders, mixes and questions.



Hunter Bohannan
405/301-0025 | E-Mail

Bulk Amendments


Need amendments for your grow? We offer those at bulk prices and amounts:

  • Coco Coir
  • Perlite
  • Peat Moss
  • Dark Forest Compost

Aurora Innovations

We are a licensed supplier of Aurora Innovations cannabis soils and amendments and are proud to offer everything you need for your best crop yet.

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3Terp Tea Grow

4Terp Tea Bloom

Three Oklahoma Locations & Nationwide Shipping

If you’re in the OKC Metro Area, we offer delivery and if you’re outside of our area we can still ship to you! Just contact our cannabis expert above to get started on your order today.

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