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Your Landscape and Commercial Soil Supplier: Minick Materials

Having the right supplies, delivered on time and within budget, is crucial for successful commercial growing and landscaping projects. Minick Materials provides the quality potting soils, amendments, and landscaping supplies you need to keep your plants nourished and have successful yields and flourishing gardens. Find out why you should rely on Minick as your landscaping and commercial soil supplier.

Why We’re Different from Other Commercial Soil Suppliers

Minick has a long history in supplying materials locally and nationally, and we strive to ensure our customers have everything they need to succeed, whether they are using our materials for gardening, farming, or landscaping. 

Unlike many other commercial soil suppliers, we think giving customers access to expert advice is just as important as providing quality products. That’s why Minick Materials has been a household name in materials and as a commercial soil supplier for many decades. 

We have grown steadily since our beginnings in 1958, and we currently have the capacity and expertise to fit your commercial needs - we will be happy to advise, source, and deliver all over the United States in the scale you require for your commercial projects.  

We encourage commercials to connect with our team of commercial account advisors about our wholesale prices and certified materials for landscaping, gardening, and construction. But first, you can read more about our offerings here.

Soil Mixes and Amendments We Offer

If you’re looking for quality potting soil and amendments, you have come to the right place. We carry many types of potting soil, as well as our in-house compost, that will condition and amend your soil with a slow release of nutrients and minerals.

Whether you need compost, mulch, or potting soil, we have it, and we are ready to deliver the quantities you need anywhere in the USA.

Potting Mix

You can pick up wholesale bagged potting soil at any of our three Oklahoma locations. Our general-purpose potting mix (made of dark forest compost, pine bark, peat moss, and perlite) serves as a suitable base for all kinds of container growing. We also offer a premium potting soil – High Quest, our custom cannabis blend.
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Compost is decomposed organic matter that is primarily used to amend soil. We offer three types of compost that are screened at different grades and are vegetable- or manure-based. Take a look at our different compost offerings and feel free to reach out with any questions. Our staff can help you choose the right compost for top dressing your yard or amending your existing soil. 


We also offer a variety of mulch options that help you improve moisture control, limit weed growth, and add nutrients in your soil. We can help you choose between our eight varieties of mulch so you have just what you need for your next commercial gardening or landscaping project. Get started by learning about the differences between our mulches.

Specialty Soils and Amendments

Minick also supplies you with specialty soils and amendments from Aurora Innovations. We recommend these products for commercial growers looking for potting mixes that are scientifically formulated for high productivity. Learn more about these specialized products.

Other Landscaping Materials

As a commercial soil supplier, you can count on us for more specific landscape supplies, such as coco coir, sphagnum peat moss, and other high-quality organic materials. We also offer rock, sand, perlite, and gravel among many options for your landscaping projects.

We own a licensed composting facility and make our own compost and rich mix soils. Our selection of decorative rocks is second to none, and we also carry construction materials and finishes. Take a look!


Whether you’re installing a sandbox for toddlers, a beach volleyball court, or a Tiki-themed bar, we have the right washed fill sand for your project. We also have construction sand for masonry work, and paver sand to stabilize pavers and walking areas.  

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CU-Structural Soil

We’re a licensed supplier of CU-Soil, a specially engineered soil that is engineered to support pavement and sidewalks while allowing plant roots to thrive underneath. This reduces damage to pavements and enhances the life of trees and plants. If you’re tired of replacing dying trees and fixing broken sidewalks,

read more about how CU-Structural Soil can help.

Building Stone

Whether you want to build actual stone walls, or just apply a stylish stone veneer to your existing walls, we have many options in both full bed depth and thin veneer. Classic and contemporary looking stone walls are just a click away — take a look at the many styles and colors we have currently in stock!

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Decorative Rock

Whether you’re seeking pavers, a boulder to use as a focal point, or a new water feature, check out all our landscaping materials and enhance your outdoor spaces with durable, versatile, beautiful rock. We have sizes and colors of decorative rocks you will not find anywhere else!

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Why Choose Minick as Your Commercial Soil Supplier?

Wholesale Soil Pricing

We operate at a very large scale and in many cases we purchase directly from the producers. This allows us to negotiate wholesale prices with our providers, and pass on the savings to our customers. Get in touch and ask about our wholesale prices when you buy large amounts from us for your commercial projects.


Easy Ordering and Nationwide Delivery

We have customer service representatives who specialize in handling our commercial accounts, which means they can better understand your challenges and needs and can assist you when making large volume quotes and purchases, so you don’t over- or underestimate what you need.

And although our headquarters are in Oklahoma, for years we have been shipping construction and landscaping materials all over the United States. Regardless of where you are, contact us for a quote.

Quality Commercial Potting Soil

We’ve become one of the largest regional distributors for landscape materials because we always put quality first. Our team ensures that we’re supplying a variety of potting soils, amendments, topsoil, sand and other products that meet our commercial customers needs.

Our products are trusted by design professionals, contractors, and landscaping teams. Whether sourcing products from trusted brands like Root Organics or Aurora Innovations or delivering our own blends, we always provide quality materials for our customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

No matter how big or small your project is, our team strives to provide the same exceptional customer service each time you interact with us. Whether you’re coming into one of our three locations to ask questions or getting a wholesale or delivery quote over the phone, we want you to have a positive experience. 

We hire industry experts that can answer your questions, so you leave with exactly what you need for your commercial projects to succeed. And we always welcome comments and feedback so we can keep improving how we serve our customers.

Questions? We’re Here to Help!

The Minick team has specialized in soil, construction and landscaping materials for many years, and we are prepared to answer all of your questions. Whether you seek advice on the best material for your project, or you wish to order a bespoke landscaping stone of a specific size and color, reach out to us and let us provide you with answers and solutions.

We’re licensed to sell specialized soils, construction materials, and ground covering such as state-approved playground mulch. Our commercial account advisors are waiting to hear about your projects and questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.