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We are a licensed supplier of CU-Structural Soil

Minick Materials is a licensed supplier of CU-Structural Soil® (also known as CU-Soil®) developed at Cornell University as a way to safely bear pavement loads after compaction and yet still allow root penetration and vigorous tree growth.

CU-Soil® is intended for paved sites to provide adequate soil volumes for tree roots under pavements. It may be used under pedestrian mall paving, sidewalks, planting islands, and parking lots. CU-Soil® is an innovative medium installed under pavement that improves street tree vigor and prevents sidewalk failure, frequent pavement repair, virtually eliminates tripping lawsuits, and greatly reduces the replacement of dead trees every 7–10 years.

CU-Structural Soil® was patented and trademarked under the name 'CU-Soil®' to insure quality control.

Why Choose Minick as Your CU Soil® Supplier?

At Minick Materials, we understand the vital role that CU Structural Soil® plays in urban landscaping and are committed to providing top-quality CU Soil® as a dedicated CU soil supplier.

Quality Assurance: Our CU Soil® is produced under strict quality controls. We source the finest materials and ensure that every batch meets rigorous standards. This commitment to quality means that when you choose Minick, you're choosing a soil that's consistently reliable and effective.

Experience: Over the years, Minick Materials has emerged as a seasoned CU soil provider. Our journey in this specialized field is marked by numerous successful projects and a deep understanding of the unique challenges and solutions associated with urban soil management.

Bulk and Custom Orders: Whether it's a small-scale city project or a large urban development, we cater to all sizes of CU Soil® requirements. Our team is equipped to handle custom orders, ensuring that each client gets the exact specifications needed for their unique project.

Incorporating CU Structural Soil® in Your Project

Implementing CU Structural Soil® in urban landscaping is a forward-thinking approach that requires careful planning and execution. Here's how Minick Materials can assist in integrating this innovative soil into your projects:

Pre-project Consultation: We highly recommend consulting with our experts before you begin. Our team at Minick Materials can help assess the specific needs of your project, from soil volume to logistics, ensuring a seamless integration of CU Soil® in your urban landscape. This preliminary step is crucial for aligning the project’s objectives with the unique properties of CU Soil®.

Installation Tips: While CU Structural Soil® is designed to be user-friendly, there are key installation techniques that can maximize its effectiveness. For instance, understanding the proper depth and compaction techniques are vital. Our team is ready to provide guidance on these aspects, ensuring that your project benefits fully from the unique characteristics of CU Soil®.

Aftercare and Maintenance: Post-installation care is as important as the installation itself. We offer advice on maintaining the health and structural integrity of CU Structural Soil®. This includes monitoring soil compaction levels over time, inspecting tree root growth, and other maintenance practices that can prolong the life and effectiveness of the soil in your urban landscape.

CU-Structural Soil Resources

Using Porous Asphalt and
CU-Structural Soil® Booklet
This 15-page booklet details how the combination of porous asphalt and CU-Soil® reduces runoff and improves water quality.   

 Download PDF

CU-Structural Soil®: An Update After More Than a Decade of Use in the Urban Environment (Published Article)
This article discusses the successful use of CU-Structural Soil® with more than 10 years of data.

Download PDF

Using CU-Structural Soil® in the Urban Environment (Document)
Written by Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University this document outlines the "case" for using CU-Structural Soil®.

Download PDF

CU-Structural Soil® Graphics
and Plan Views (Web page)
This web page presented by Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University offers exceptional drawings and diagrams.

View web page

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Additional Information

If you have questions or need assistance with your application of CU-Structural Soil®, contact our sales manager at 405/789-2068 or use our online contact form.

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