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Topsoil Supplier: Minick Materials

Minick Materials has served as a regional and national topsoil provider since 1978. We’re one of the largest local topsoil suppliers — and for good reason.

When delivering topsoil to our commercial buyers and consumers, we always focus on offering quality, choice, and exceptional customer service, making sure that you have what you need for your plants and grasses to thrive. Considering our extensive knowledge in topsoil, explore our knowledge on what soils will work best for your various projects.

Quality Soils for Residential Commercial Projects

If you are growing grass or plants, whether for business or pleasure, then the quality and type of topsoil you’re using is the first thing you need to consider.

For any gardening, landscaping, or farming project, the top layer of the soil must be rich in nutrients and organic matter for your plants and grass to thrive, whether we’re talking about residential garden soil or a commercial farming operation.

For instance, Minick has decades of experience as a topsoil supplier, and our fine, screened loam is sought after as a high-quality topsoil.

Types of Topsoil We Offer


Whether you’re nurturing flowers or vegetable gardens, our Garden Ready soil provides the nutrients your plants need to grow healthy and strong. This topsoil is composed of screened dark brown sandy loam fortified with 35% Dark Forest and 3% Gypsum.


Our Rich Mix soil is perfect for gardening projects that need additional moisture retention and control Use Rich Mix as top dressing to address cracked lawns, reduce your water usage without sacrificing moisture, and increase nutrients in your existing soil. Rich Mix is composed of Screened dark brown sandy loam fortified with 30% prairie gold, and 3% Gypsum.


Minick is a licensed supplier of CU-structural soil, or CU-Soil®, which is perfectly suited for pedestrian mall paving, sidewalks, planting islands, parking lots, and other applications. CU-Soil is specially formulated to bear the weight of pavement, allowing tree roots to grow properly without cracking sidewalks and other paved surfaces.


Our general-purpose topsoil is a screened, dark brown sandy loam which makes it great for filling or as a base for new lawns or to patch existing ones. We also offer unscreened topsoil that has the same composition and properties but is a courser grade, making it great for

Store Locations and Delivery Options

Bulk orders, as well as local and long-distance topsoil delivery, are available. To learn more, including how many cubic yards of topsoil you need, view our price list or get a delivery estimate.

Visit one of our local stores today

While we do offer national delivery for topsoil, we also know our customers like to come in person to pick out their supplies and ask questions. Visit any of our three locations in Oklahoma, and our team can make sure you have what you need.


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Whether you’re looking for topsoil to fill a few garden beds or hundreds of cubic yards of compost for a commercial-scale plantation, Minick Materials is here to help. We have decades of experience selling topsoils and other materials for gardening, farming, and landscaping all over the country, and we are always happy to hear from you.

Our goal is to always deliver exceptional customer experiences, and our team is highly qualified to answer all your questions regarding our quality topsoil, or any of our other materials, including our organic compost. However big or small your project is, get in touch and let us advise you. We will do our best to help you find the right materials at the right price, and we’ll ship them to you anywhere in the United States.

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