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Calculators & formulas to help you get what you need.



Here are some simple calculators to determine how much product you will need. Or if you prefer, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


Square & Rectangular Spaces

Rectangular Area

Cubic Yards



Circular Spaces

Circular Area

Cubic Yards



Linear Foot Calculator

Linear Foot Calculator




Wall stone

Wall stone




  • A ton of most loose stone products cover roughly 80 sq.ft., 3" deep.
  • A yard of soil covers 100 sq.ft., 3" deep.
  • Always figure compaction for areas over 6" deep. Compaction for sand and soil is about 15 to 20%. On most products a ton is equal to 75% of a cubic yard.

For other shapes or assistance, please fax, e-mail or bring a drawing to one of our locations.


Generally speaking, we find the following coverages to be a good rule of thumb when determining how much material you need. However rock, stone and other products are natural, and vary in size - thus your actual coverage may vary.


150 lbs per Cubic feet


Chop Stone

4", 6", 8" & 10.5" 35-40 Square feet per ton
4" 100 Linear feet per ton
6" 80 Linear feet per ton
10"  40 Linear feet per ton



3" Deep 100 Square feet per ton
3" Deep 100 Square feet per yard



3" Deep 108 Square feet per yard


Decorative Rock

3" Deep 80 Square feet per ton
4" Deep 60 Square feet per ton
8" Deep 30 Square feet per ton



Extra Thin 120 Square feet per ton
Thin 100 Square feet per ton
Thick 80 Square feet per ton


A Visual Perspective

Sometimes a photograph can assist you with understanding volume and sizes of our materials.
Need help? Our staff is available to assist you in figuring how much material you will need. Simply contact us for assistance.

I Cubic foot-1
1 cubic foot 2
1 ton 3
1 ton 2-1
1 ton
4 ton 2
4 ton

1 Cubic Foot Topsoil  

1 Ton Topsoil

4 Tons Topsoil

8 ton 2
8 ton

8 Tons Topsoil

12 ton 4

12 Tons Topsoil

20 ton 4
20 ton 3

20 Tons Topsoil