Contractors and Commercial property managers

If you are in charge of the upkeep of a large property, you know how important it is to have a reliable supplier for grounds maintenance materials, who delivers on time and at the right price. Many of our customers oversee large outdoor spaces and grounds of businesses; and care for indoor gardens, which must be kept attractive, orderly and healthy year-round. 

Decades ago, Minick started distributing sand. Today we carry a large selection of building products, and we are the first choice of many top design-build firms and landscape architects.

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Commercial and campus landscape

Good campus design is created so that every open space can perform a variety of functions to enhance campus life - create beauty, serve as a social gathering place, potentially be used for fairs, shows or other types of events. Most commercial and business spaces now have a landscape design that is meant to look gorgeous in spring, summer, and fall, and also remain attractive during the colder months, and it behooves a good manager to make sure it is kept in great shape throughout the year.

Stone, gravel and other products you might like.

Retaining walls are the first step of many construction projects. You have to be ready to put those up quickly so you can move on to the more complicated parts of the build. One of the most classic retaining wall materials are gabions and river rock, and we carry those, as well as many kinds of natural rock, in any amount you need. 

Building stone is an attractive alternative to wall blocks, but it does affect the budget. If your client wants the look of stone but can’t afford the price tag, remind them that you can always embellish a budget masonry wall with stone veneer. 

Turf management takes a lot of time and effort. Consider replacing some of it with sand, pebbles or slate: no watering or mowing is required, they are still comfortable for walking and sitting on, and your team will have less work to do, therefore reducing their hours - and your expenses.

CU Soil

If you have ever had to fix a sidewalk cracked by tree roots or had to replace an expensive 5-year-old tree because it was dying from too little root space, you will love CU soil. Cu structural soil was developed by scientists specifically to deal with this problem: trees planted in paved areas cannot grow roots appropriately, so they are forced to grow them upwards or sideways, resulting in damaged sidewalks and pavements, and unhealthy trees.

For projects involving trees amid large paved areas, such as parking lots and streets, impress your customers by offering CU-structural soil. We are a licensed provider of this scientifically developed soil, that has the structure to withstand the weight of sidewalks and pavements while still retaining the air and water tree roots need to grow.

Why Minick?

We carry many useful supplies, from sand and stone to specialty soils and nutrients, and since we buy and sell in bulk we can offer you very competitive prices.

Our highly trained and experienced team is ready to advise you and help you find the right materials at the right price for whatever project you have in mind, whether it is yearly mulching and soil maintenance or replacing a large area of turf with slate and pebbles.

We’re used to working with large commercial orders, so large orders are handled efficiently. And remember, we ship nationwide. 

Annual grounds maintenance

If you are looking after outdoor spaces year-round, you must have a good Annual Grounds Management schedule, with the various jobs required in the different seasons as well as those that must be performed periodically throughout the year.

Some jobs are just upkeep-related, such as mowing, pest control, pruning, and cleaning. A good grounds maintenance worker will perform these on a schedule without requiring much prompting or reminding from management.

Springtime will require refreshing and readying green areas, and your plant beds and flower beds will benefit from fresh mulch and compost, fertilization and planting of new varieties.

In summer, irrigation will be key, as well as weed control and pruning. Outdoor space use will be at its highest, so ensuring that the grounds are clean, safe and attractive is vital.

Autumn brings a set of cleanup challenges along with beautiful seasonal colors, and it is again time to mulch and prepare the flower beds for winter.

Towards the end of the year, you will be focusing on snow removal (if it snows in your area) and since plant life may wind down you might want to bring in seasonal decorations; or, install boulders or other natural ornaments that will look good year-round.

We also carry pottery in many colours and sizes, so you can find the perfect accent for your customer’s gardens and outdoor spaces.

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