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Dark Forest Compost

This is a coarsely ground pre-consumer food waste-based compost that is high in nutrients that help build a healthy, productive soil. The coarse grind helps keeps the soil looser, optimizing moisture, penetration, and root growth. Our Dark Forest is the perfect all-purpose compost.



Prairie Gold Compost

This is a finely ground manure-based compost that is aged, screened, and is a natural food source for microbes that provide nutrients. Prairie Gold is perfect for top-dressing your yard, and is a key ingredient to building a healthy and productive soil.

Zoo Poo Compost

By using Zoo Poo you're joining us in our partnership with the OKC Zoo to help eliminate waste going into our landfills, and maximize the efficiency of our natural resources!


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Benefits of Choosing Minick Materials as Your Compost Provider

Minick Materials is your partner in the world of compost, not just a supplier. Our knowledge of the compost industry is extensive, going far beyond simple sales. We delve further into comprehending the complex interaction between soil, plants, and the nutrition they need. This breadth of knowledge, along with years of experience, strengthens our standing as a reliable compost supplier. Our corporate philosophy is firmly based on environmentally friendly procedures. While the compost we provide was obtained through competent procurement, our focus has always been on leaving the smallest possible environmental footprint. We have enduring connections with premier compost producers as a result of our commitment to environmentally friendly techniques. Although we may not be the compost's master craftspeople, we make sure to work with the best in the industry. Yet we play more than just the part of a supplier. We want to instruct and mentor. Our customers who are just delving into the world of compost for the first time can also receive a wealth of knowledge and advice that helps them get the most out of our products. Customer satisfaction is not simply a catchphrase at Minick Materials; it is a promise. Our rules on returns and guarantees demonstrate our dedication to quality as well as the importance we place on each and every customer relationship. And with options like our Dark Forest Compost, which is OMRI listed and has the Seal of Testing Assurance from the US Composting Council, we aim to please.

We Offer a Variety of Composts

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Our vast selection of compost products at Minick Materials reflects our dedication to quality and variety. Our variety has something for everyone, whether you're a dedicated gardener wishing to care for a vegetable patch or a skilled landscaper organizing a large project. We carry a wide variety of items on our shelves, from vegetable based to manure based. Beyond our product line, we are extremely proud of our strict quality control procedures. Every bag of compost produced by Minick Materials serves as a tribute to our commitment to excellence by guaranteeing that it is nutrient-rich and free of contaminants. Offering top-notch products is just one aspect of our dedication; we also care deeply about environmental sustainability. Our compost line offers benefits for plants as well as a step in the direction of waste reduction and sustainable sourcing. Also, we're always open to discussions about creating custom compost mixtures for those looking for something really one-of-a-kind, guaranteeing that every gardener finds their ideal combination.

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