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Compost is decomposed organic matter that is primarily used to amend soil. It is environmentally friendly as a recycled product. Minick Materials owns a composting facility that is licensed by the state. This ensures better control and techniques in the decomposition process. Fruits, vegetables, carbon sources, and stockyard manure are just some of the ingredients used in our products. Our compost is aged at temperatures that kill weed seed, pests, and destructive pathogens. The combination of ingredients, timing, and aeration provide a superb organic matter that’s great for topdressing, gardens, landscaping and helping you build a healthier soil for all of your projects.

Types of Compost we offer

Dark Forest Compost

This is a coarsely ground vegetable-based compost that is high in nutrients that helps build a healthy, productive soil. The coarse grind helps keeps the soil looser, optimizing moisture, penetration, and root growth. Our Black Forest is the perfect all-purpose compost.

Prairie Gold

This is a finely ground manure-based compost that is aged, screened, and is a natural food source for microbes that provide nutrients. Prairie Gold is perfect for top-dressing your yard, and is a key ingredient to building a healthy and productive soil.

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