DIY Landscaping Ideas for Professional Landscaper Results

Landscape design magazines and websites are full of inspiration, and if you are a home gardener you may think those amazing gardens are totally out of reach. This is not the case! We have lots of cheap landscape ideas that don’t look cheap and that you can carry out at home with some planning and a bit of effort. Read on to find out how to give your garden that professional landscaper touch, whether it be updating your garden beds, improving the paths that cross your yard, enhancing the mood with lighting or adding a DIY water feature.

The possibilities are endless!

DIY Professional

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Creating Perfect Garden Beds

There are many ways to make a garden bed stand out. Sure, you can just dig a bit and then mulch over your plants, but that will not look magazine-worthy. Consider using crushed stone on top of mulch (or instead of it) to completely change the look of a flower bed, or line the edges with larger rocks to keep them safe from foot traffic while looking amazing.

Raised garden beds are trendy right now, and for good reason: they look fantastic, save your back, and are a great option if your garden’s own soil is poor or contaminated. You don’t have to invest in custom-made wood or metal raised beds (although if you can, they are really amazing) - get the look for less creating the raised edges with cinder blocks, reclaimed wood, or rocks, before filling them in with a good mixture of loam and compost.

Garden Paths

If your garden is big enough, garden paths will add a lot of interest and drama. They can even make a small garden look bigger!

Pavers look amazing, but stone and slate tend to get more expensive the larger the pieces are. Consider assembling smaller pavers, or leaving more space between them. Combining flagstone or pavers with gravel is another way to get the paver look for a lot less money - all it takes is some imagination and elbow grease.

A nicely edged gravel path is also a great option - we have many colors of gravel and river rock that could make a huge visual difference to your outdoor space without spending a lot. Consider which colors compliment your house color and garden better: neutrals from light-colored salida to black eagle, or the warmer tones of desert gold and aztec. Let our experts advise you and find the perfect match.

Water Features and DIY Landscaping

If fancy landscape design is your passion, you surely have a wishlist of amazing water features you would like to own someday. They make an excellent focal point in any garden, and promote relaxation and well being. From a full-on pond with koi fish to a small trickle of water cascading down some pavers, running water has long been used as a feature of landscape design across history and in all parts of the world.

Water features do not have to come with a scary price tag: there are many wonderful DIY water features you could build yourself with boulders or flagstone. Come take a look at our boulder selection and get inspired! Create a small faux creek, install a minimalist boulder fountain or go all out and build the pond of your dreams. We have all the materials you need.

Landscape Lighting

Nothing takes a garden from “ok” to “magical” like good lighting. You can achieve wonderful results with simple elements, such as outdoor string lights, or solar powered garden lights. Landscape lighting will extend the time you can use your garden and make it a great place for gatherings and parties, or just sitting with a hot drink and relaxing.

Besides using hanging and elevated lights to illuminate your garden, consider also the warmth and nuance you could achieve if you put lights at ground level, hidden among the edges of your garden paths. Romantic or meditative, ground-level lights will make it easy to walk safely in your garden while creating a dreamy atmosphere.

More DIY Landscaping Ideas

Where to begin? So many ideas!

Drought-resistant gardens are all the rage these days, especially for environmental purposes but also because they look so good. Create a desert wonderland with gravel, boulders and a few spectacular cacti or succulents, for a front yard you will never have to mow again.

Don’t have a lot of room? A balcony or a windowsill can still give you the garden experience, with many potted plants and some hanging ferns.

Cinder blocks are great for adding height and dimension to a corner or awkwardly shaped space, and then you can plant inside them or use them as a base for a potted garden.

Get inspired, make some plans, and come and see us. Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you make your garden dreams a reality.

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