We offer a large selection of Flagstone

Flagstone is a natural stone that splits into flat layers, and it is popular for patios and walkways, for its timeless look and attractive price per square foot. The cost to install is also relatively low, since installing flagstone is quick and easy: it’s basically laying the stones over prepared ground, in whichever flagstone pattern you prefer. 

If you are planning to install a paver patio, flagstone patio, path, or pool deck in the near future, we recommend you use the number of square feet to calculate the total cost of your project, by adding labor costs to the price of the flagstone. We carry many types of flagstone, and some of the most popular types are Blue Hackett, Rustique patio and Sugarloaf. If none of these is to your liking, we carry several other types of stone in a range of prices, so you can adjust your flagstone patio cost to your budget. 

Remember - regardless of your zip code, we ship nationwide. Contact us for a quote and expert answers to all your flagstone questions.

Please note: Flagstone, by nature, will have variations. Images are to provide an idea of what the actual product will look like. Your computer or device may show color differently than the actual product. Please visit one of our locations to view our products or to learn more.

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Blue/gray flagstone, rough top. A modern look for your patio.
Variations: Patio, Flagstone, Tumbled Patio
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A light blue/gray, smooth top flagstone. Great for walling.
Variations: 1 1/2"–2", 2"–2 1/2"
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Rough top, earth tones with rustic red accents. Great for Patios.
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Smooth, multicolored flagstone. Great for walkways patios and flooring.
Variations: Puzzle, Thin 1"-2", Thick 2"-3",  Slabs, Tumbled- various sizes.
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Smooth, light tan flagstone with rustic red/brown swirls. Great for paving slabs, walkways, and patios.
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  Smooth, rose colored stone. Great for paving slabs, patios, walkways, and wall veneers.
Variations: Flagstone, Tumbled Patio
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Natural flagstone with moss accents. Great for stacking, or steps.
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 Smooth, buff slabs. Great for steps, counters, flagstone, and hearthstones.
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