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Cedar Mulch is a great choice for low-maintenance landscaping. It can be finely a shredded, or larger bark mulch. This mulch has protective layer that insulates plants that are borderline hardy and susceptible to cold temperatures, making it great for seasonal changes.



Cypress Mulch is great for helping the soil retain water and suppressing weeds, and it breaks down over time to nourish plant roots. Typically Cypress Mulch won’t wash away in heavy rains.



Hardwood Mulch prevents weed growth in gardens and flower beds and helps prevent water loss.



Decorative Pine Bark Mulch is great for protecting your potted plants. Just like regular mulch, the flaky texture allows water to permeate, and it's decomposing nature provides nutritional benefits to the plants.



Made from decomposing bark, Black Mulch is used as an additive to soil to keep your plants healthy, and gives them a noticeably brighter appearance against its dark background.



Red Mulch is a 100% wood mulch that helps to prevent the growth of weeds (when applied at a depth of at least 3 inches).

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Playground Mulch is an exceptional "impact" material, and is an APPROVED product to be used underneath playground equipment.



Made of clean and richly-colored pecan shells, Pecan Hull Mulch is perfect for sprucing up the look of your bedding and borders.

Why Choose Us as Your Mulch Supplier

In a market teeming with mulch suppliers, Minick Materials stands a cut above the rest. How do we achieve this? By combining our top-tier products with a deep well of expertise and a customer-first approach.

Our decades of experience in the landscape and construction supply industry equips us with insights that help us understand your needs better. We don't see ourselves merely as vendors; instead, we're your partners, dedicated to helping you achieve a flourishing, beautiful garden or landscape.

So, what can you expect when you choose us? First, you'll get personalized guidance from our team, leading you to the right mulch choice for your project. Our expertise is backed by vast industry knowledge and years of experience, so you can trust us to provide accurate, relevant advice.

Second, you can be assured of the quality of our mulch. Our products are sourced and processed to ensure they meet the highest quality standards, designed to promote healthy growth and add aesthetic appeal to your garden or landscaping project.

We Offer a Variety of Mulch Options

At Minick Materials, we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to mulch. We understand that every garden, every landscape, and indeed, every plant has unique requirements. To cater to this rich diversity, we take immense pride in our extensive range of mulch types.

From hardwood mulch known for its durability and exceptional ability to suppress weeds, to pine bark mulch, which lends a unique aesthetic touch, we’ve got an option for every garden situation. Our collection also includes decorative dyed mulch, perfect for adding a vibrant splash of color to your garden while also performing all the usual roles of traditional mulch.

Each type of mulch in our inventory serves a unique purpose, some offering excellent moisture retention properties to help your plants through dry spells, while others keep soil temperatures steady during sudden weather changes. And if you're looking to enrich your soil's nutrients or improve your garden's aesthetic appeal, we've got you covered as well.

At Minick Materials, our commitment extends beyond just providing you with a product. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate our wide variety to find the exact mulch that matches your project's needs and your vision.

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