Stone has been used for building since prehistoric times, and its durability and strength are indisputable. Stone can give buildings a classic, modern or timeless look, and it is more resistant to weather, earthquakes and decay than possibly any other natural building material.

Why Use Building Stone?

There are many reasons to choose building stone for a project:

  • Its outstanding durability. Stone buildings last for literally centuries because building stone is fireproof, rot-free and of course entirely safe from bugs and vermin.

  • Its beautiful timeless look, which goes with every style.

  • It requires virtually no maintenance.

Natural Stone vs. Manufactured Stone

We work with many quarries and have access to almost every color and type of stone you require, but if you are looking for something different (or just to lower costs) we also work with several providers of manufactured stone. Manufactured stone is  made from concrete and cast in molds made from natural stone, so you can get a uniformity and consistency that is very hard to achieve with most natural stones. Manufactured stone is hand painted to give it a natural finish, and professionals prefer it because it remains consistent from one project to the next.

Full Bed Stone

Full Bed Depth Stone is 3–5" in depth, similar to a standard brick, and works great for exteriors. We offer many colors and finishes, with some of the most popular being Blue Mill Ends, Pine Top and Sugarloaf.

Stone Veneer

Give your clients the stone look they want using one of our many beautiful veneers. We carry Thin Veneer Stone in 3/4–1 1/2" thickness, easy to install and quite lightweight. Some of our most popular colors include Blue Baron, Blue Hackett, Golden Canadian and Sugarloaf. 

Depending on where you live and how close you are to quarries, full bed depth stone and natural thin stone can be very similar in price. If you live in a place where the freight costs are higher, thin veneer can save you money in shipping. The process of installing natural thin stone veneer can also make it less expensive, since it goes directly on the wall, it can be laid faster, and it does not require a brick ledge. The advantage to using veneer is it can be used with your existing wall, and because it’s lighter it can be used in taller applications than FBD.

We can cut almost any stone into thin veneer, just keep in mind it may take a little longer if it’s sawn to order.

"Stone can give buildings a classic, modern or timeless look, and it is more resistant to weather, earthquakes and decay than possibly any other natural building material."

Ordering and Delivery

We work with large, commercial orders daily, and we will be happy to help you get exactly what you need, where you need it. From advising you and helping you choose the right kind of building stone, to coordinating shipping and delivery, our experts are here to help you every step of the way, so you can meet your deadlines, stay within budget, and delight your customers.

How Much to Order

Every professional has their preferred systems and formulas for calculating how much they will need for any given material. We do too - these are the formulas we use all the time, and we hope they can be of help to you.

When ordering stone, always add 10-20% to your numbers to account for waste. 

The Process

We designed a Resource Toolbox page in our website where you can find all the info you need in one place: pricing lists for our entire inventory, formulas to calculate how much to order, blogs with advice and specs, and even a delivery costs calculator. If you prefer doing things the old-fashioned way, call, email or visit us - we have a team member especially dedicated to commercial sales, who will make sure that all your questions are answered and that you are able to order exactly what you need regardless of color or size.

Minick has been in the materials industry for over 60 years, and we pride ourselves in our excellent service and competitive prices, while always delivering top quality and a wide array of choices.