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Best Commercial Applications for Natural Stone

With the growing demand for green building and sustainable architecture, the use of natural stone in commercial projects has risen. While it might be..

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3 Reasons to Top-Dress Your Fescue

You've got fescue grass and it’s a struggle to maintain. You’re not alone. Fescue is a tough grass to grow in Central Oklahoma. The secret to success..

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We offer Commercial Soil, compost, and soil amendments

As a commercial grower, you need soil that is specifically formulated for your use and growing needs. Our quality soil mixes have superior water..

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The Beauty of Building Stone Matches Its Strength

Stone has been used for building since prehistoric times, and its durability and strength are indisputable. Stone can give buildings a classic,..

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Spring Means a Busy Growing Season is Coming

Spring will be here soon, and gardeners know what that means - it’s time to get back to work on those gardens! Whether you grow beautiful flowers, a..

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Minick Materials is Open During Normal Hours

Dear friends and customers, We hope you are keeping well, following safety recommendations and staying at home as much as possible. We would..

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